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About the Bobscapes Mobile App

Tracking Bobwhite Quail on Our Landscapes


Working Lands for Wildlife: Northern Bobwhite, Grasslands and Savannas Framework for Conservation Action

USDA’s Natural Resource Conservation Service (NRCS) has partnered with Quail Forever, University of Georgia
Gamebird Lab, state agencies and other partners to engage in an aggressive effort to conserve Bobwhite
habitat through the “Northern Bobwhite, Grasslands, and Savannas Framework.” The goal of this
NRCS Working Lands for Wildlife effort is to recover central and eastern grasslands for Northern Bobwhite and
other upland species that have seen severe declines over the past 30 years.

One of the exciting initiatives of this partnership is the development of a mobile app for landowners called “BOBSCAPES.”  The app is a citizen science tool hopefully used by the public to contribute to our knowledge of the distribution and abundance of northern bobwhite.

Over 80% of the Bobwhite’s habitat is owned by private landowners. We hope this app helps us work more collaboratively with landowners and the public. The personal information shared on the Bobwhite App will be held anonymously, and will be combined with other bobwhite data to give experts a much better picture of how bobwhite populations are doing, as well as where to focus our habitat restoration efforts across the U.S. Thank you for helping us improve our strategies for conserving Northern Bobwhite, grasslands, and savannas habitats!